Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Imagination...one of my favorite subjects!!! Ahhh were to begin?
Ok... Albert Einstein said : '' Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create''. This to me is so true, and my point of view regarding IMAGINATION is, as I have always believed...one of the greatest endowments we humans could have ever received!

Imagination allows us to see...all possibilities, to see all that we can do..and how to acommplish, it is our very own personal and most powerful creating ''tool''as well as our very own personal laboratory of the mind. For there are no limitations to what IMAGINATION can create!!!

A vivid image becomes an ideal, a desire, and is as real to the mind...for what the eyes cannot see...nor the ears cannot hear...nor hands cannot touch ...it is felt with the heart of IMAGINATION...from whence all truth derives.
Thus, feel.... I AM IMAGINATION.

I had an experience the other day...I IMAGINED a new set of curtains for my daughter's dining room, I IMAGINED striped black and white material...I formed the curtains in my mind...they should be a specific way...in a sort of a point, where over them would be another layer in a point, but this would be in polka dots red..not just any red..brick red..then to brighten the edging of this side of the curtain, there would be a piece of material to enhance the polka dots...and it would be cherries with a black background to complement the black stripes.

So for many days I IMAGINED this project of mine....and I also imagined covering the chairs as well with the same striped material...ok, so one day I decided to go to the store...and I found the exact material!! All I needed was the cherry material...and to my surprise, on the trunk of the car where I had placed my shopping bags...I noticed a cherry material of some sort coming from a plastic bag of things my daughter no longer wanted. So of course I opened the bag...and lo behold!! The exact kind of material I had envisioned in my IMAGINATION prior to becoming!
It was an old/new shirt she really never used...It had black background to enhance and complement the other material, I took it apart and was able to create to my hearts content!!!

The universe provided all of the necessary tools for my creation, thus materialized !
Can really understand how I am responsible for my own creations...yes I did some of the work, for I desired to create it with my own hands... this was easy and fun because I had all of the necessary things to work with...and sometimes the things are just there without me lifting a finger...and here I understand that I am meant to receive other things allready created for me...for I am IMAGINATION and I am deserving of all goodness as is everyone else! And besides..this is great fun...so what to IMAGINE next!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little bees....

Have you ever stopped to wonder how this tiny little insect, ( personally feel, this word insect..does not do them justice) can create such wonders ? The magic of little honey bees is amazing!! If bees did not pollinate our gardens and crops...they would not be able to grow, nor would be have fruits to enjoy.
Bees are the prime pollinators of this earth...and maintain themselves busy by flying from plant to plant gathering nectar from each flower, which they store in an internal honey sac . They later transport it back to their hive, and the house bee receives it tongue to tongue. Then the house bee spreads a drop of nectar on the roof of a cell in a comb. During the next couple of days...other house bees fan their wings over the nectar so that the moisture evaporates. How is that for social unity! And for inventiveness !!
Nectar is 80% water and honey 19%...finally more house bees cover every cell filled with modified nectar with a thin layer of wax, and this nectar becomes honey, something we, humans love..and then there is ''Royal Jelly'' straight from the workers glands...this is the food the queen bee is fed throughout her larval and adult life. This is rich in protein and rich in vitamins B, C,and D.

They provide us with bees wax..which is a natural product....this is a secretion from four glands of a worker bee's abdomen. This is use in cosmetics, hand creams, ointments, lipsticks..waterproofing, coating, arts and crafts items.
Then propolis, which is a kind of ''glue'', they themselves use it to seal cracks and crevices in their hives..to make sure no drafts come in when the weather gets cold.
And some of their greatest work..pollination...we are dependent on their extremely hard work..they pollinate our crops and gardens. The process starts, when the field bee crawls around a plant blossom. The honey bee is dusted with pollen, then the field bee flies over to another blossom with the pollen in its hair, when the bee lands the pollen falls onto this blossom's stigma. Because of this grand manuevour a vegetable, a fruit, and all other crops can grow.

So you see....these are no menial tasks...nor is a bee just an insect...she is one of the Creator most magnificent of creatures! And why I love all honey Bees!!!

The magic of butterflies.....

I cant seem to write enough about these magical beings.....they are truly remarkable to me! As i observe their flight..it makes me wonder...will I someday fly as high and as graceful? If the airplane was invented and Master Jesus walked on water...I say why not?
Just imagine...to be able to fly thru the clouds and go and explore all of the fun places! It makes me giggle just to think of it!!
Butterflies have short lives, yet as I see it...their short lives outweigh the unlimited freedom they enjoy, and the effect they have on all people by beautifying our surroundings.
As they gather momentum to fly to their next stop, we humans should copy their graceful moves and lift our own wings and plunge into the beauty of life as the butterfly...and seize the moment!

Excuberance of youth.....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kristine....daughter , my friend.


My friend the butterfly.....

Early one morning some days ago, as I was cleaning a kitchen window, I noticed this beautiful monarch butterfly pass me by and landed on a leaf . I expressed out loud how beautiful, graceful and delicate she was.
I told her many things as I observed her delightful flight, somehow I thought she understood me, for she lingered on ! Well ...I asked her to return for I loved her presence and I had so enjoyed her visit...she had brightened my morning!
Several hours later... she did return..and my sister Priscilla took a picture of her, and she remained around the garden for awhile.
These are the things that touch my life, it may seem insignificant yet to me, this was a grand event...for nature took time to beautify a moment in my life..thus feel blessed!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


As my eyes opened this day..and again awakened into a new morning, the thought arose in my mind: ''I am part of all of this''....and smiled! My heart is most greatful...for every experience lived, I know Love and its living Source. I can walk, run, dance and hop,...I can breathe...I can breathe..not only that! I can smell and detect the exquisite fragrances and scents of flowers...my favorite magical children of the earth...they are children in disguises ..you know?
Have you noticed their smiley faces? They are healing..as soon as you hold them in your hands..their love essence permeates thru, into your hearts with a deep peace, their aroma delight your nostrils..your soul!

And I can taste..oh the taste of mangos with lime..what a delight!
Or the delicious taste of a chirimoya fruit..or a lucuma..food for the God's that we are! Truly blessed we are...a taste of a ripe fig oh my..white peaches, a fresh picked tomatoe...ahhh I love fruits and all that grows from the earth! I can taste the sweet as well as bitter, sour and can choose which to like ! Feel that the abundance of the earth is great...and all that is green vibrates with life and love!
And my eyes can see..oh I can see the beauty of the skies...the birds in flight, the beautiful butterfly...I am blessed...I am blessed! My eyes can see the rainbows, detect its colors..I can read the beautiful words of my beloved poets such as Rumi..Khalil Gibran..Emerson and have them touch my heart!
I can see my beautiful little red head Issa, and see her wonderous world thru her eyes..
I can see the majesty and grandeur of the oceans, the magnificence of nature... i can close my eyes, memorize the beauty and behold the wonder of God's world once more!

I can think..rationalize..ponder.. understand..meditate..my mind is vast as the universe..filled with creation, pasion and imagination, thus I am One with the Oneness! I am thus Blessed!
I can hear..I can hear the sounds of the earth..the gentle and quiet sounds of rain, the powerful thunder which speaks volumes with its roaring sound! I can hear the crikets at night soothing my sleep...and I love to hear the sounds of birds in the early morning..they are melodious to my ears as laughter is!
I can hear music...oh I love music..form bosa nova, raggae, classical guitar, the misterious middle eastern sounds, beautiful piano sounds from the great composers, the soothing and moving sounds of the cello and violin, the drums that make me move, and rock and alternative sounds..music feeds my soul!
I love to hear loving words wisphered in my ears, as to hear children playing in the parks! I can hear my Beloved speak to me.. He is everywhere and in everything.
I can touch..and feel the softeness of things, like the face of a child, the touch of my lover, the soft touch of a kiss, I can love with my touch, I can heal as well, I can feel the difference between rough and smooth, the delicate touch of sand under my feet, the warm water washing my body, and I can touch everything at my reach! I am blessed!
I am One with all this vastness, my senses touch your life as you touch mine...I am greatful...thus I AM .

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The awakening of our souls....

How long are we to sleep? This deep unconscious slumber where our real selves disappear, where our light is dimmed by the ever present ego. How much longer must we be separated from our beloved....our true essence and reality?
We yearn for solace yearn for peace, love, freedom from our ''little self''yet, what are we doing to release us from the bondage of our own ignorance? Have we been searching in all of the wrong places, specially out of ourselves instead of within?.....
We hear the call of the soul, the call from within and this embodies itself in our daily lives...the uncomfortable headache.. illness, situations we may find ourselves in... that are far from harmonious. The inner cry of our true self crying out to us for deliverance...this expressed in our external being and present life situations.
It is time....here right now..where we must make a conscious effort towards change...this cannot come by mere wishing...there must be an intentional desire for this, we have so much to accomplish in this earth of ours!
True change awaits us at the door, we are not just human beings...but rather spiritual divine beings in a human experience!
And personally feel that we must need desire truth as we desire water, and air...for to desire anything less than this, would be a disservice to our divine selves, and yet here again...we can choose ''To be, or not to be''.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


One of the most fascinating places in the world to me is India...with her aromatic spices...colorful street vendors...her beautiful people! The Taj Mahal has kept me in awe for years...a building created in love to honor the love of a woman.
How blessed are we to be able to have within us a piece of art...timeless as its creator.
I will visit her in the near future..and experience these things and more....for India is a mystical land... a melting pot of peoples, I long to walk her streets and breathe her air.


beautiful and free...
you roam the skies
in magnificent beauty
light as a feather
fragile as breath.....
colorful, vibrant
your essence
your flight ..pure delight!

Nature is my home.......

Whenever I have the opportunity...I take myself to the mountains...in all seasons! The fresh, crisp morning air fill my lungs bringing a new moment and all thoughts are vanished from my mind. I am in my own world with nature, she balances me, and am pleasanlty surprised by what I find.... Light follows me whereever I go...I hear only her sounds...I become One with her...thus I am happy! I am in my elements!!! Yeahh happy day!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Supreme secret of the Inner Journey is the path of Love..for the path of Love leads to Love...and Love is All there Is".

What is the path of Love...if not Love?
For there are many paths...and all lead to Love.
As raindrops amalgamate themselves into divergent streams, yet meet once again in the vastness of the oceans and rivers, so does the human heart seeking its ''Beloved'' in the various forms...find within the inner consciousness a chosen path that leads them to their life source...Love.
Ancient Sufi poets such as Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Attar to name a few..had an understanding on the depths of Love.
Love to them was the infinite..ever evolving..ever into its state of bliss!

''The Freshness''
When its cold and raining
you are more beautiful..
and the snow brings me even closer to your lips
The inner secret, that which was never born..
You are that freshness, and
I am with you now..
I cant explain the goings
or the comings..
You enter suddenly and
I am nowhere again..
Inside the Majesty

From Soul of Rumi-

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There is something stirring within..........

As we look at our world situation this day, all can feel and observe that there is definitely something stirring within....
We see it in the books written, the messages sent thru music, in the movies, I feel it as hundreds are being connected in a network of people (F.B) having the same conscious idealism.. UNITY, a world without prejudices, wars, hunger .
A movement of people, all seeking the same goal...PEACE/LOVE/FORGIVENESS/ONENESS ..can this be attained, I ask?
The Persian poet Rumi said: '' Seek the wisdom that will untie the knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being".

These words ring true to my heart....for it is in Our awareness of the United Consciousness, onced focused by Our whole Beings can and will attain its goal! Untie the knot says the wise man.....in other words...let go of the confusion which keeps your mind troubled and knotted. Here lies wisdom.....and by seeking the path which demands our whole being....it demands the Best of Us!! Why should we not give the best of us? For within us lies the power to do so.. yet....fears have kept humankind from rising to their best potential! We live sporadic moments of success, of happiness.. when we could be living every moment in happiness!

The human soul desires to free itself from its bondage of ego mind, yet to accomplish this we must first acknowledge our separation from Spirit, where by choice.. many have moved away from the Source which gave us life.. once this is done.. our inner intuitive guide takes us to a place known to us all... deep within the heart of matter...our own souls resonating truths!
And to come to this understanding...we must silence the ego/mind ...and be quiet enough to hear Gods whisper.
Yes...something is stirring within the hearts of men... it is the VOICE OF THE SOUL...shouting to the world its coming forth,
an ancient voice....a voice who has never left....who eloquently evokes the deep feeling of oneness..a voice who is crossing every border to every land.... and all are listening intently .
People are coming to terms with their truths...many no longer can accept the worlds dogmas and concepts which radicated their lives creating havoc. Many are letting go of their careers, marriages, even families, some have become nomads to stand true to their convictions of peace.
Yes...something is stirring within the heart...yours..mine...I have a new vision of our world...there are no borders! We may speak different languages, our cultural diversities many, yet in this new world ..the only language spoken understood by all..is the language of LOVE!!! Were the only religion..is the truth of the heart...all derive from the same God/Source thus we are children of One God. We live in a color blind world where the color of my, our brother..has no relevance .
We work together for the betterment of the entire earth, we use her resources intelligently ...where the elements work hand in hand with all of humanity, we find the greatest inventions where our technology surpasses anything ever discovered!!
We respect our mother Earth, she in turn gives of her bounties and all is harmony in the land.
There is no suffering for there is no war..neither created by politics, nor the war created by ego/self...there are no hospitals for there are no sick people, there are no jails for there are no criminals....all are healed.
Feel that the imaginative powers of our minds are escalating to heights never before experienced....I understand now what Einstein so eloquently stated: '' Imagination is more important than intelligence".

We are a UNIVERSE singing One Song....in latin UNI- means United and VERSE - Song/Poem... thus we are A UNIVERSE UNITED IN A POEM OR A SONG!!!
Let us imagine a new beautiful world...singing a new song
''Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

John Lennon had a deep wisdom, he knew how important it is to imagine ....in my heart and mind there is only this moment..only today...this is all i have....so I will imagine to my hearts content!!!
What will you imagine for us?................

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As one experiences the phenomena of complete metamorphosis of first a caterpillar....then a larvae pupae within a coocon...which then becomes a beautiful butterfly! We continually come to a deeper understanding, and realization of the wondrous world we live in, thus experience the knowledge of death within the depth of the heart of life !

In my eyes...death is a birth unto change....an awakening.... a great departure into the arms of Life...for... are we not deathless souls.... with an everlasting essence of Love, which supplies us with an everlasting Life? Are we not like rain...which... when the heat of the sun touches the tiny rain drop...its clear form evaporates and becomes another element...Air?

And is death not like unto the seasons? Continually changing...when Spring is born...valleys...and meadows are covered in bloom, little buds recusitate from within the ground... from little seeds which kept their life and bring forth a new moment in time!
All of nature arrays herself in her blooming....exquisite demonstration of renewal....where after a long sleep...she wakens to embrace us with her beauty!!
Then Spring is no longer ...for her flowers became fruits... all is well nurtured and groomed, Spring sleeps and Summer enters a new portal ...where its radiant exuberance comes from sun rays...the long summer days are now here to stay a little while.....

Is not Autumn's fall...another form of death? When the leaves fall off the trees...and nakedness is seen throughout the land? Where the winds are no longer warm...yet nature paints her most majestic masterpiece, right before she dies !! Thus .....is Winter born...and all is quiet...only the sounds of silence prevail....and her mantle of white adorn?

So begins another cycle....we humans live in this beautiful world...a world of magnificent beauty, a world of magnificent forms. Many fear death, dying,pain...I ask why?
For we merely awake again...and death is LIFE with its many transforming forms...
Fear not death....nor dread it...for there is no fear in death...but the fear itself!
Instead...embrace life at its fullest...live with joy every moment...seize them with gusto as if they were fleeing!
Nature never forgets.... she never dies...after fire in her forests..beneath the ground new seeds grow...she reminds us daily of our true essence...have we forgotten?
Does the sun not die a beautiful death at sunset.... birthing the night into dreams and quiet slumber ,only to be reawakened into a glorious majestic morning..... illuminating the world with his warm rays...is this not a new birth?

Scientists have discovered that our cells rejuvenate within so many months, old ones die..yet we create new ones...so why are people saying:'' Oh they are 80...or well they are 70, and have this disease...and they no longer remember...or they will last until....they have only so many years left...
Why do we accept this reality? When there is another...nature gives us daily lessons....
Can we not accept our Divinity, and can we not heal ourselves from our ego/mind and accept , health, beauty, re- birth....Life!
Love death in all its forms...for its voice is deep and full of resonance... within her lies the wisdom of LIFE.

Remember....''Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God". - An excerpt from A Course on Miracles.
Only Love is real....for Love is the ultimate truth!!
Ponder on this..........