Wednesday, July 30, 2008

THE POET IN ME.....................

Throughout the years I have compiled many expressions of my inner thoughts, all are rhymes of the heart and speak only to the heart. ( 2008 Copyright on all 3 poems)

Life is wonderous
because Thou Art Wonder
Life is Happiness
because Thou Art...
How is it possible
to have not perceive Thee?
If Thou Art closer to me
than my own heart....


As the wind moves
from place to place
even the seasons
do remake, themselves
in wonderment
creating a new moment,
Water stilled in puddles
stagnant, rots
no one day is the same
clearly as sun and rain
For as a clock ticks
its way,
delivering momentum
occuring precisely,
its purpose
divine intervention
embraces time
deliriously succumbing
here, now
your heart and mine
to the soul of matter

A Day in the life of God

Crimson skies
fertile valleys,
clouds that dance
in bold expressions
Whispers, constant echoes
through resounding impressions,
radiant pleasures
nature's treasure....
Abounding beauty
unspoken leasures...
A breath of inspiration
in its vast dimensions
Splendor, stillness
all speak of glory
Each one perfection
Yet, simplicity
God's creation.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Grandeur of Nature's Trees


Trees literally take my breath away!!  Ever since I was a little girl trees have been my friends, I would climb on them, play around them, hug them and sit by them listening to their silence.
Amidst the soft breezes I could hear their voices, silence may think that there is no sound in silence, yet in silence there is a stillness which is its own sound .
I am enamored with all that is green and part of nature, to think that these great trees have derived from a little tiny seed baffles the mind,  then to see them in their splendor arrayed in their finest foliage with flowers,  truly brings to mind of the Creator  behind this work of art .
 Chinese wisterias trees with their exquisite blossoms,  japanese maple trees with their  colorful leaves, grand oak trees with their massive trunks, fruit trees of all sorts  , like mango , avocado , fig , apple , oranges, lemon trees , olive trees, apricot trees, their beautiful and colorful flowers not only service us with their shade, but they provide us with fresh air and give us delightful fruit to eat. How wonderful is that!!
It is a wonder that from something so stoic and ever still can bring  such joy at every season, I have observed and studied trees for years, they truly live the moment. For example, in the winter they stand stoic against the winds and storms, lying dormant, sleeping for just a little while, their trunks and branches exposed ,naked without a leaf for coverage from the elements. Yet in the spring small green buds protude thru their dry and seemingly dry branches, bringing brand new energetic  life again to the  tree , and within weeks the tree is filled with flowers providing sweet nectar to hungry little bees and other insects. Then when summer arrives their branches are filled with plump delicious fruits, bringing food to us humans and our little friends the birds.
Then comes the fall, and as if by magic their leaves turn vibrant colors of dark reds, golden yellow, bright orange and purples  covering the earth, majestically creating its grandest masterpiece!  And lets not forget winter,  the tree stands alone stoically as always,  silently  waiting for his long winter nap, he has no foliage to cover him, his branches as arms stretched out openly awaiting for the cold to envelop him with snow. Yet still in his bareness,  has an offering if we are cold, we may cut off his branches, throw them in a fire and warm our homes.
 The tree has taught me to live in  the moment, this is all we really have, he is one of nature's greatest teacher and one I really love!
Have you hugged a tree today? 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is who I AM...

As a beautiful and ever developing woman , I have the whole world at my reach.
Knowing exactly who I am !
Some people say I am a wanderer, others a bohemian gypsy, or a hippie but I like to refer to myself as Out of this World! Literally out of mind....(Vivi does not live there anymore...)
"Center, center". Yes this is where you can find me, centered and favorite place!
I have learned so many things throughout my life. I have lived in 3 continents and seen the splendor of life and the wonders of the human heart. What makes us all so unique but at the same time so alike? I have come to realize this thru the many years of soul searching and have found this, life is a journey where each turn you take brings you a surprise, which as in the pages of a book bring you face to face with your present moment.
With that said, I shall try to convey what "The moment" has brought into my life, oh this is so much fun!! A blog to write to my hearts content!!!
First of all... after having been married for nearly twenty years and gone thru a divorce I was brought face to face with a very simple fact I had not yet discovered ..had it not been if this life changing event had not occured . We are all born into this world without attachments (other than our mothers and fathers of course ) I discovered that, after the ties of married life were severed, then went on a personal journey to find out who this woman was : " THE SO CALLED MOTHER , WIFE, LOVER, FRIEND " . This journey has been amazing, for once I embarked on this adventure I was astounded at my findings, the inner child lurking inside had always been there, that sweet little girl waiting to be rescued had been waiting all along.
I can honestly say that I have rescued her, and have found that she is much more than I ever imagined she would be!! I once thought that happiness was being in a family, or being married, not a state of mind, thinking that I had to belong to something or someone, to ever truly be happy . This realization has brought a freedom never before imagined!!
I do not need anything, nor a ''special relationship for my happiness, nor for anything to make me happy'' for my happiness derives from within me, it is a choice I make and I am happy because I choose this state of mind. I like and love the feeling of happiness , giving it to myself and sharing my happiness with others. Like many people I used to think that my personal happiness revolved around ''a man'' that without this man I could not be happy . My identity was lost for many years until I truly saw me, and discovered that it is all about me, not in a selfish way but in a way where my concerns are valid and where I find balance in all I do . Here is where I like to implement wisdom in my life, for without it life makes no sense.
The old adage : ''To thine own self be true" has spoken volumes to my heart, and I am first true to myself in all manners , my happiness belongs to me, therefore I am fully responsible for having it and I am fully conciencious of my choices and what I choose for my happiness.
Have found that people enhance our lives, as we enhance theirs, no one can make you or me anything, happiness is a choice, and is my number one top priority.
Since having gone thru a metamorphosis of the mind, many amazing things have occurred to me, I no longer see life as I did ten years ago. I love who I am, I really am no longer affected by peoples ideas or assumptions of me. I am in a very comfortable place, where the discoveries I have made have had a great impact on my life, can actually admit that my life has made a great turn, for the better. Besides all of the many blessings, one that has made a pivotal change is my first grandchild Isabella. Wow!! When God was spreading out cuteness, she must have been first in the line, and then she must have squeezed in between the lines to get some more, I am kind of bias of course!!!
This little angel with the red hair, is exactly that, a little red haired angel, she is a bundle of joy and has a keen intelligence that is demonstrated in all of her actions.
I love to come as often as I can to be with her and her little family, she calls me ''mormor'' mothers mother in danish , or in other words grandmother, and she has done so since she was about eight months. She knows me, we know each other and have developed a close relationship that will endure forever, we play and laugh, she brings out the child in me.