Sunday, April 12, 2009


As my eyes opened this day..and again awakened into a new morning, the thought arose in my mind: ''I am part of all of this''....and smiled! My heart is most greatful...for every experience lived, I know Love and its living Source. I can walk, run, dance and hop,...I can breathe...I can breathe..not only that! I can smell and detect the exquisite fragrances and scents of favorite magical children of the earth...they are children in disguises know?
Have you noticed their smiley faces? They are soon as you hold them in your hands..their love essence permeates thru, into your hearts with a deep peace, their aroma delight your nostrils..your soul!

And I can taste..oh the taste of mangos with lime..what a delight!
Or the delicious taste of a chirimoya fruit..or a for the God's that we are! Truly blessed we are...a taste of a ripe fig oh my..white peaches, a fresh picked tomatoe...ahhh I love fruits and all that grows from the earth! I can taste the sweet as well as bitter, sour and can choose which to like ! Feel that the abundance of the earth is great...and all that is green vibrates with life and love!
And my eyes can see..oh I can see the beauty of the skies...the birds in flight, the beautiful butterfly...I am blessed...I am blessed! My eyes can see the rainbows, detect its colors..I can read the beautiful words of my beloved poets such as Rumi..Khalil Gibran..Emerson and have them touch my heart!
I can see my beautiful little red head Issa, and see her wonderous world thru her eyes..
I can see the majesty and grandeur of the oceans, the magnificence of nature... i can close my eyes, memorize the beauty and behold the wonder of God's world once more!

I can think..rationalize..ponder.. mind is vast as the universe..filled with creation, pasion and imagination, thus I am One with the Oneness! I am thus Blessed!
I can hear..I can hear the sounds of the earth..the gentle and quiet sounds of rain, the powerful thunder which speaks volumes with its roaring sound! I can hear the crikets at night soothing my sleep...and I love to hear the sounds of birds in the early morning..they are melodious to my ears as laughter is!
I can hear music...oh I love music..form bosa nova, raggae, classical guitar, the misterious middle eastern sounds, beautiful piano sounds from the great composers, the soothing and moving sounds of the cello and violin, the drums that make me move, and rock and alternative feeds my soul!
I love to hear loving words wisphered in my ears, as to hear children playing in the parks! I can hear my Beloved speak to me.. He is everywhere and in everything.
I can touch..and feel the softeness of things, like the face of a child, the touch of my lover, the soft touch of a kiss, I can love with my touch, I can heal as well, I can feel the difference between rough and smooth, the delicate touch of sand under my feet, the warm water washing my body, and I can touch everything at my reach! I am blessed!
I am One with all this vastness, my senses touch your life as you touch mine...I am greatful...thus I AM .