Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn is Here!!

One of my favorite seasons has just begun its new transformation; it is now in the early stages, for the trees still maintain their green summer foliage, just one or two leaves here and there have changed their colors to crimson reds and yellows. The air is crisper, the winds blow more fiercely, the days become shorter, there is a feeling of renewal as the birth of a new season approaches. The earth shares of her summer bounties, little country side stands sell of their crops, a wide variety of apples such as : honey crisp apples, mutzu, summer reds and all sorts of pumkins, peaches, pears, onions, and lovely figs grace the countryside with their colours.
Autumn or even better said.....Fall, when the leaves drop gracefully one by one outwardly towards the ground...feeding the earth once more in this new cycle with nutrients from its leaves to nourish its soils . The trees are left bare of its natural cover exposing their nakedness to the world, thus a certain feeling of somberness surrounds all, yet Nature expresses her happy face with the wondrous array of colours she portrays! Autumn......its sunsets filled with romanticisms take your breath away! There is a slower pace occurring, as if Mother Nature begins to prepare for her moment of silence and deep slumber. Nature's true nature derives from the Universal Source, carrying within its roots a deep and ancient wisdom, which expresses itself in all of its creating seasons in being perfection itself.
She has kept herself busy during the spring and summer months, bringing new life to all she touches and now it is time to recover her energies and replenish inasmuch as she has so innately given throughout the year. There is a time for all seasons in Nature as well as in our spirituality/humanity,we must take time to ponder, honor our sacredness, observe and to learn from her; to allow a rest from the chatter, noisy sounds of our minds and external surroundings. To rid ourselves of the unwanted, and make room for what is to come; in other words to undress before the world in our truth exposing our true nature.
Go into the depths of your souls at this moment in time, rejuvenate with the calming, soothing forces of Autumn, refilling and reawakening our hearts.. minds with its quiet and serene
passing. Drink in the timeless magic of wondrous Autumn and become One with its Nature, thus will we also transform.......

Saturday, September 20, 2008

JUST BEING...............

Today seemed to be just a regular day, but I always find hidden little surprises!! I was in a garden  and followed a bee, it was so delicate and dainty, yet it flew as if it had a thousand wings.!  It would land on a beautiful red hybiscus flower and drink its nectar then would fly over to a  yellow daisy and linger a bit there, but it would always return to the hybiscus, I figured that its nectar must be sweeter. Then I noticed the skies where overcast, the sun had hidden its face for awhile, yet one could see its rays coming thru the clouds creating a feeling of expectancy . The wind marked its path by blowing fiercely and with gusto, all of the sudden I saw lighting up by the rocky mountains and waited......thunder was surely on its way. Sure enough its echoing sounds rang thru across the valleys as if it carried a message for us all to hear, I could sense its powerful energy!
Then all of the sudden, across the skies I watched mesmerized as two rainbows of unusual brightness began to develop and I thought to myself :" God is the Master Painter, he  creates masterpieces from simple things and does it so effortless, and I believe that he shows us our Divinity by exposing us  to Divine things".  That instant I felt a deep gratitude for such beauty, and for having the privilege to have been present at that moment.  I love my Life!!!