Saturday, September 20, 2008

JUST BEING...............

Today seemed to be just a regular day, but I always find hidden little surprises!! I was in a garden  and followed a bee, it was so delicate and dainty, yet it flew as if it had a thousand wings.!  It would land on a beautiful red hybiscus flower and drink its nectar then would fly over to a  yellow daisy and linger a bit there, but it would always return to the hybiscus, I figured that its nectar must be sweeter. Then I noticed the skies where overcast, the sun had hidden its face for awhile, yet one could see its rays coming thru the clouds creating a feeling of expectancy . The wind marked its path by blowing fiercely and with gusto, all of the sudden I saw lighting up by the rocky mountains and waited......thunder was surely on its way. Sure enough its echoing sounds rang thru across the valleys as if it carried a message for us all to hear, I could sense its powerful energy!
Then all of the sudden, across the skies I watched mesmerized as two rainbows of unusual brightness began to develop and I thought to myself :" God is the Master Painter, he  creates masterpieces from simple things and does it so effortless, and I believe that he shows us our Divinity by exposing us  to Divine things".  That instant I felt a deep gratitude for such beauty, and for having the privilege to have been present at that moment.  I love my Life!!!


Anonymous said...

That was beautifully written Vivi. I love that you are so fully immersed in those wondrous moments. It's as if you yourself are waiting expectantly for something amazing to happen and when it does you see it and appreciate it so well...even though few people might.
I was so happy to have you in my home. You provided a warmth that only YOU can bring.
I love you so much big sister!

Lover of Sweets said...

I wrote that not nik...he must have been signed in.