Sunday, August 3, 2008


 For the last couple of days I have  been thinking about what life means to me, and today these words appeared on my mind so clearly,  thus allowing  my soul to speak in reference to Life . 
That: " Life without Love is like an empty glass without water, or as a human without breath".
 This showing me once more the importance of Love, seeing the emptiness of the glass without its life giving energy, for water is Life therefore energy! Without it, there is no Life!   Therefore,  there is no Life without Love.!  Neither is there Life without Air!  Nor can there be Life without God!!
Many thoughts adjacent and relevant to this subject  have become part of my daily living, thus teaching, encouraging to further analize into the meaning of Life . 
We humans can survive many days without food, but fewer days without water, and we can only remain but, for a few moments without air.   I became aware of the thought of Life being  without two of its primary elements,  Water, and Air.
These precious elements so vital,  are as essential as Love;  for without it, we humans are empty vessels.
Life is God....... for God is Life....therefore Life is Love and All Things Are......
Thus, Life is Breath.....for Air is Life, yet the day shall come when we exhale our last physical  breath, then will our spiritual self breathe into a new form of Love .....for we are beings of Love....and Love carries on .. in its infinite perfect circle .
So....Always  Live Life with Great Passion for Love......Seek it with a hunger in all its Loving forms......Drink it as you would Water, and fill your cups with it until your heart's content. Breathe it,  filling your nostrils with  gusto as you would Air....or as if it were your last humanly  breath on earth . 
After your experience of Life, once it has become a part of you in all its Glory, and its sweetness travels throughout your veins like a close friend..... go out into the world and open up  your heart , let your Energy  of Love shower the world without end!
And remember: '' Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away" .  Carpe Diem!!