Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ahhhh Music!!!! "God is a Dj..Life is a dance floor...Love is the rythm...You are the music!!!

One of my very favorite things in, I completely loose myself in the fascinating sounds of it, become inthralled in its beauty, its emotion, and its language.... For music is truly a reflection and one of the languages of the soul.

Earth carries her resonating sounds, throughout her vast and varied continents, sounds so unique as her nations and as the ethnic groups of people she inhabits.
The most influential sounds are Mother Nature's , great composers have tried to imitate her sounds, as the italian composer Antonio Vivaldi composed the Four Seasons in four violin concertos. Vivaldi evoked the feeling of spring, the exuberance of summer, the nostalgia of autumn and the coldness of winter in his high strings concertos, all concerts reached a crescend which brought to life Mother Nature's magical sounds.

As music imbeds her enchanting and rhythmic sounds into our lives, she creates the ambiance to our present moments, delighting and mesmerizing us with her pleasures.

From the earliest of times, mankind has been touched by music and its meanings, every country on this planet we call Earth has its very own sound, creating traditions throughout the world. As soon as we hear Bob Marley....we imagine the Caribbean Islands...Jamaica, Trinidad, The Bahamas, their beautiful sea shores, their beautiful people and sunny beaches.
When we listen to the African drums, we steal away to the wild jungles of both The African Continent and Brazil, black slaves were brought to work in the early 1600 for the white settlers, thus bringing with them their beautiful sounds such as the ''samba'' and lundu, a forthrunner of the samba sound which originated also in Africa.

Everywhere we go in the world, music is a part of our lives , I myself could not imagine a world without it, one of the most delightful things about music is that even Nature has her own sounds.

Have you ever really listened to the sounds of rain? I mean really listened... how its drops saturate the ground with her melodious soothing sound? And tell me about sitting on a rock by the ocean shore...ahhhh.... I can bring myself there and hear the waves crashing against the rocks and feel its powerful force ! What about a starry night... you lay in the grass and listen to the melodious sounds of crikets.... you are immediately wisped away into the night!!

And thunder!! I love thunder and its magestic power, it leaves you with a feeling of awe!

Another favorite of mine is the wind.... I love to go out in an open area and spread my arms out and feel it touching, caressing my face, moving my hair, ....listening to the wind under a tree as the leaves gently make the most soothing of sounds. When I was a little girl I thought that God wisphered thoughts to us humans thru the wind.

The beautiful songs of birds in the early morning , mere words cannot express their beauty!!
And how about the magical sounds of thousands of butterflies in flight?

In all of Natures realm, from the exquisite songs of dolphins whales and birds, there are certain mystical musical sounds that not only inspire, but bring peace to our minds and our world.

It is difficult to say: "I like a certain kind of music", for there are so many varieties as there are people in this world! As for me... ohhh.... music is the mediator such as prayer, to my soul!

I can loose myself in Bob Marley and dance ragaee barefooted for hours !!
Or listen to Chris Cornell and sing to the top of my lungs... along with him "Like a stone"!! or Show me how to Live! I LOVE THE DRUMS HERE !!
Or Kings of Leon ....Closer... a mixture of blues and rock ! And tell me of Metallica's song 'Nothing else matters" I love the guitar close no matter how far...could'nt be much more from the heart..forever trust in who we are, and nothing else matters...never opened myself this way.....

If you have listened to the soothing sounds of Cherish the Day...moving the way that I move...and I breathe your only can rescue me, this is my prayer...just listen to this song and feel the energy of the songs vibration, they will take you and lift you to amazing heights!!

Another great sound is sambas from Argentina, they play as if crying with the guitar, and they touch my heart! Specially Jorge Cabrune from Argentina singing "Que seas Vos" That it may be only You.... and Mercedes Sosa an Argentine folk singer.. I love her powerful voice in ''Solo le pido a Dios" I only ask God... and Andean sounds from my ancestors...I love the instruments such as the zamponas, charango. Another group i love is IntiIllimani from Chile, their sounds can bring me to tears... find them on you tube and listen to ''Alturas , Dolencias...a piece from Ecuador...they are amazing!!
Eduardo Gatti, a folk singer from Chile, one of my favorites... singing ''Los momentos''. 'The Moments ....find him in You Tube...he is amazing...this song and many he has written touch you to your core! I love my country of birth!!

Now to the guitar sounds...I absolutely adore Andres Segovia classical guitar sounds...Asturias and concierto de Aranjuez ..... Fantasias para un gentil hombre are some of my favorite! I go to another world when I listen to this music!!

Cannot not mention Shakira!! Her voice is mesmerizing and her energy is surely transmitted to her audience as she sings and of my favorite songs of her are: La tortura... a mixture of regaetton and reggae/rock and When ever... Where ever.... she mixes the zamponas and middle eastern sounds..

Have always been fascinated with middle eastern sounds, lately I listen to a group called Vas, where the lead singer or vocalist is the prominent artist Azam Ali, she has a hauntingly beautiful voice, the album called Sunyata has the most beautiful of my very favorites of her is ''Refuge" and from the album 'In the garden of Souls..the song 'Prayer for Soheil" is amazing!! Her song "The Promise and video is absolutely beautiful!! Definetly check them out!
Love to listen and belly dance to middle eastern sounds, there is nothing more inspiring!!

Then there is the blues, a roots music that evolved from african/american work songs my favorite being Janis Joplin singing Gershwins's beautiful, haunting classic ''Summertime".
I can really feel the pasion of her art as she sings!!!
And lets never forget The Beatles!!! All you need is Love!!! and My guitar gently weeps!! Michelle.. my belle....Penny Lane.....I love the Beatles!!!
Oh and another favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd's ''Simple Man''...the best song!!
And David Bowie's "Wild as the wind" has got to be one of my very favorite tops!! Love me me.. love me.. love me...say you do....let me fly away with you...for our love is like the wind...wild as the wind.....
There is also Danish music, while i lived in Europe was introduced to the different groups and one i really love is the old danish group... Gasoline, Kim Larsen being the lead singer, one of my favorites songs from them is ''Kvinde min'' meaning = My woman and Langebro =The long bridge and love Sanne Salomonsen a song called ''Uden Dig" = Without You as well as "Den jeg elsker..elsker jeg'' = The one i love..I love...
I can go on forever on music!! Love classical music!! Love the great composers like Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Tchikosky, Love the sounds of Opera!!
Madame Butterfly is one of my very favorites, and Bizets' Carmen.
And I must add Smetana's composition of The Moldau, is literally a musical poem that takes our soul in flight to magical places!

The sounds of New Age with Sarah Brightman and so many other wonderful singers!!!
I wll end this by saying... Thank You!!! to all of the worlds greatest composers, singers and writers that create such beauty! Thank You for moving my soul and my feet ......
Music is the stuff Life is made of.....

Monday, November 17, 2008

What is your Passion?

I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in different continents. I was born in Chile, South America, then moved to the North American Continent in the U.S.A, the windy city of Chicago to be exact during my early childhood years. My family then moved to Utah and I moved as a young bride to Denmark, Europe to live for many years.

All of this moving around caused and stirred a lot of thoughts in me , I always asked myself : "What now?..." and thus my life evolved into different facets, I became a wife... then a mother...three times, and life in its infinite wisdom took me through many experiences, both rewarding and some bittersweet which I hold no regrets . Well...after many years of being in a process of a spiritual/physical metamorphosis, almost being kept in my very own cocoon of sorts, I have been evolving into the woman I have always dreamed of becoming , have analyzed my life from the beginning....finding some deep profound truths about myself throughout this journey.

You see... I have always been Passionate.. and even a few close friends have told me that I am too the time I took it the wrong way by becoming offended, and I was on the defensive and on guard at all times. When I made the discovery about my inner truth, it all made sense!!! Since but a child, I had been passionate about my views, my feelings, my environment, people, spirituality, and in later years found that..... there was much more for me to discover!

When I experienced divorce, I was brought face to face with the reality of being on my own and discovering who I truly was, for the first time ever, I recognized my true feelings and what Passion really means to me.

I discovered Life in 3-D..... I say this... because Life in my eyes has many dimensions... and every dimension is created by the concepts embedded within a thought process, by what we choose to impregnate into our Minds through these thought processes.

So I began doing a personal study on '' Passion", Wow!!! What didn't I find!

First of all ...I will share with you how I see myself on this day....I am a Garden of Passionate Possibilities....where my mind holds the Power to create literally to my heart contents!!

I mention the garden...because all that is green I Love, all that has Life I Love!

Thus, my first Passion : Acknowledgment of Love, Love is my Passion....from here derives all of my other Passions! Next, is Life itself....meaning God the Creator/Father/Abba as I like to call Him, my very own ''Abba'', and the secret to my seeing Life in 3-D!

When we observe the road, freeway or any other place, we have a limited side view, we need to turn our heads to see if it is okay to pass to another lane, at this moment in time our eyes only have the ability to see a certain range, but what must be understood is that our eyes see after what our brains interpret, and what is being sent to them. In actuality our eyes see nothing, for our eyes don't send images to our brain, it is the other way around.... these images are constructed in our brains based on very simple signals sent .

There is a higher - order brain function which determines and perceives the necessary range of light , this is not determined by distance, but by the brightness of the object in view. Now.. to get to my point, when we surrender into Life, meaning our Higher truth....our God/Self/Father we obtain a new vision, thus we develop a sort of 3-D way of looking at things, everything is more clear....everything makes sense... and there is a broader way to look at things... for we accept a higher wisdom and can actually perceive a deeper, higher understanding of Life around us, thus.... becoming our inner vision the tool to manifest our True Reality. We see beyond..... what others cannot see nor perceive....for we obtain this way of looking at Life in a ''Passionate Way'' and in my eyes...the way a child would perceive, with Awe.......with Innocence..... an approach of Wonder to new ideas and All pertaining to Life. All is easy...All is possible.....All can be achieved and Is......
So being ''Passionate" in my Garden of Life is just one of the many dimensions I have chosen to experience, the other is the " The Passion to Create", I Love to Create ... to Be Creative through writing poetry, an essay, a Love letter... a book, creating a new veggie dish, or an amazing garden !!
Finding that I am "A passionate Being'' has brought me face to face with my truth!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Becoming Conscious of our true Nature..........

What is our "true nature"?
Thinking some years back, I remembered a phrase my grandmother used to tell me, she always would say to me : "You are of precious value, there are none like you, and God took the time to make you in his likeness, you are indeed a miracle". Never, did I understand this phrase with more understanding than where I find myself in life now. After many years of walking half asleep or half conscious, I say this because a part of me yearned to find truth, and many a time thought I had found it! Not until I let go, and surrendered my inner child to the Creator I was shown that there is another way, and can say since the year of 2002 my life has made a drastic transformation !
I recognize now that it was the yearning of my soul seeking solace and truth, my true self had been patiently awaiting for my attention. As he patiently awaits for us all , many of us were pre occupied with the drama of the "little self" (ego) that we had not noticed that there was something far greater which is our true nature.

Ego has superficial aspects of each of us which is the cause of divisive ideas such as I, me, mine, yours, and we have individual lives and ways of life, but in the depth of being, we are all One.
We are Divine Beings living in an ephemeral world, a world of illusion, a non real world, a world of attachments, were the best of us lays hidden below the surface, and conformity is an ideal for many. Where many are encouraged to emulate the ephemeral world, where attachment permeates these ideals thru movies and songs, people think that to be happy you need to be living a certain condition, then the human condition continues its confused and painful life.

When we become conscious of our true natures, we indagate every place for truth, we leave no book unread, nor stoned unturned, yet in all of this indagation we later realize that we need not seek there, nor here for we are allready EVERYTHING, AND ARE ALL, and this All is inside us!

Our true nature is DIVINE, its true source derives from LOVE and only Love, everything else is foreign to LOVE, the turbulent world we live in, is mind created, such is our power!
And as Master Jesus proclaimed in the Apochryphal Gospels, Gospel of Thomas : "The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood......and I am there, lift a stone.....and you will find me" .