Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ahhh Spring!!!

Dormant....asleep she was... deep beneath the dark warm earth, it seemed forever; no sign of her indulging beauties, no signs of her incesant pleasures. Imprisoned within the darkness she lingered... just for a moment, until...from the womb that bounded her, she frees herself without a sound, in perfect silence....her new birth.
Lightly... ever so softly... the Goddess of Spring awakens from her nurturing dwelling, where she layed in sweet slumber. Budding boughs of yellow hue appear from their long wonderings, again to dress and perfume her lovely garments.

Mother Earth smiles and one can hear her happy laughter from every corner of her garden..... solitary fields are now a pleasure to the eye and nurture the unseen emotions, for the Goddess of Spring sings her lullaby and the cold no longer stings.
The earth arrayed once more in color, where Spring's whispering notions are again heard...all bow at her entrance all are at her beck and call. She woos as a lover with the delight of her romance and wonder..... gladly are we imprisoned in her charms and her passionate approach!
The sun shineth glady, the lark and robbin return from their journeys south....the bees are heard in cherry blossoms, butterflies adorn the meadows, rose bushes sweeten the air with their aromatic scents, the skies are bluer....could this be heaven I ask?
I close my eyes and embrace this moment.....I welcome the Goddess of Spring decked in her finest attire
and succumb gratefully to her charms!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Forgotten Kingdom
A Spiritual Fairy Tale,a Personal Journey in Search of The Divine
By Viviana Vicencio.

The Forgotten Kingdom is very unique, it is both a spiritual and enchanting fairy tale for adults, and a personal journey in search of the Divine.

It begins with the fairy tale of a forgotten kingdom, where people regarded this special place as "Heaven on Earth".

Only love and happiness abide, a place where all people desired to go, yet many had forgotten how to get there.

The Forgotten Kingdom will show you in a clear and concise manner, how to arrive to this heavenly place, and nurture the inner child, we have all left behind.

The world finds itself in chaos, even amidst the chaos, a little girl follows her intuitive heart and discovers an ancient secret.

She embarks on a journey of wonder and light, which leads her to find the greatest treasure known to man...the truth of her Divine Nature.

This insightful book has seven chapters, number two is Contracts where you will have the opportunity to evaluate yourself and put it in writing, Preparing of the Self and the Empowerment of my Word speaks for itself, followed by the New Thought,a wonderful chapter that will enlighten and help you to broaden your mind. The Garden Analogy is a beautiful chapter on all that grows in and out of our minds, next The Intention of The Heart, a deep felt and intentional chapter and last but not least The Harvest and the Butterfly, sort of the end of the journey as well as the beginning, where we can see the fruits of our labors come to life.

The Forgotten Kingdom is my own personal journey in search of the Divine within, for I too had forgotten where "home" was, after my own experience of the "dark night of the soul" and self discovery I found my place.

This book will guide your inner child to a familiar place, it will move your soul, enlighten your mind, endearing your heart with its powerful message!
Your votes are needed, to bring The Forgotten Kingdom to the minds of humanity and to the forgotten inner child once more!
Thank you all for your support!
Love and Light,