Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kristine....daughter , my friend.


My friend the butterfly.....

Early one morning some days ago, as I was cleaning a kitchen window, I noticed this beautiful monarch butterfly pass me by and landed on a leaf . I expressed out loud how beautiful, graceful and delicate she was.
I told her many things as I observed her delightful flight, somehow I thought she understood me, for she lingered on ! Well ...I asked her to return for I loved her presence and I had so enjoyed her visit...she had brightened my morning!
Several hours later... she did return..and my sister Priscilla took a picture of her, and she remained around the garden for awhile.
These are the things that touch my life, it may seem insignificant yet to me, this was a grand event...for nature took time to beautify a moment in my life..thus feel blessed!