Saturday, November 8, 2008

Becoming Conscious of our true Nature..........

What is our "true nature"?
Thinking some years back, I remembered a phrase my grandmother used to tell me, she always would say to me : "You are of precious value, there are none like you, and God took the time to make you in his likeness, you are indeed a miracle". Never, did I understand this phrase with more understanding than where I find myself in life now. After many years of walking half asleep or half conscious, I say this because a part of me yearned to find truth, and many a time thought I had found it! Not until I let go, and surrendered my inner child to the Creator I was shown that there is another way, and can say since the year of 2002 my life has made a drastic transformation !
I recognize now that it was the yearning of my soul seeking solace and truth, my true self had been patiently awaiting for my attention. As he patiently awaits for us all , many of us were pre occupied with the drama of the "little self" (ego) that we had not noticed that there was something far greater which is our true nature.

Ego has superficial aspects of each of us which is the cause of divisive ideas such as I, me, mine, yours, and we have individual lives and ways of life, but in the depth of being, we are all One.
We are Divine Beings living in an ephemeral world, a world of illusion, a non real world, a world of attachments, were the best of us lays hidden below the surface, and conformity is an ideal for many. Where many are encouraged to emulate the ephemeral world, where attachment permeates these ideals thru movies and songs, people think that to be happy you need to be living a certain condition, then the human condition continues its confused and painful life.

When we become conscious of our true natures, we indagate every place for truth, we leave no book unread, nor stoned unturned, yet in all of this indagation we later realize that we need not seek there, nor here for we are allready EVERYTHING, AND ARE ALL, and this All is inside us!

Our true nature is DIVINE, its true source derives from LOVE and only Love, everything else is foreign to LOVE, the turbulent world we live in, is mind created, such is our power!
And as Master Jesus proclaimed in the Apochryphal Gospels, Gospel of Thomas : "The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood......and I am there, lift a stone.....and you will find me" .

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