Wednesday, July 30, 2008

THE POET IN ME.....................

Throughout the years I have compiled many expressions of my inner thoughts, all are rhymes of the heart and speak only to the heart. ( 2008 Copyright on all 3 poems)

Life is wonderous
because Thou Art Wonder
Life is Happiness
because Thou Art...
How is it possible
to have not perceive Thee?
If Thou Art closer to me
than my own heart....


As the wind moves
from place to place
even the seasons
do remake, themselves
in wonderment
creating a new moment,
Water stilled in puddles
stagnant, rots
no one day is the same
clearly as sun and rain
For as a clock ticks
its way,
delivering momentum
occuring precisely,
its purpose
divine intervention
embraces time
deliriously succumbing
here, now
your heart and mine
to the soul of matter

A Day in the life of God

Crimson skies
fertile valleys,
clouds that dance
in bold expressions
Whispers, constant echoes
through resounding impressions,
radiant pleasures
nature's treasure....
Abounding beauty
unspoken leasures...
A breath of inspiration
in its vast dimensions
Splendor, stillness
all speak of glory
Each one perfection
Yet, simplicity
God's creation.


Lover of Sweets said...

I want to comment on your first wonderful poem since I will have to come back to the others due to certain meltdowns that have just arisen here with one little wispy girl who I like to call Chookie.

I truly wish that everyone could get out of their heads and out of this worldly world for a moment to appreciate what this could mean for them. I DO feel a certain balance in my life and know that this is what I want to be doing and it gets chaotic at times and I can't find my center....BUT I love to be able to sit and ponder on wondrous God is and that I am a part of Him and that HE is a part of me.
How'd ya like that run-on sentence!?

Oh and there's this cool way of making it so I don't have to type in those silly letters every time at the bottom for word verification if you're interested.

Tia Juana said...

I found you through your sister and I am so excited to visit your blog! You seem like one very wise gal - one who would be lots of fun to laugh with!

I love red hair on your sweet little grandbaby! Very fun!

Welcome to blogging!