Monday, July 28, 2008

The Grandeur of Nature's Trees


Trees literally take my breath away!!  Ever since I was a little girl trees have been my friends, I would climb on them, play around them, hug them and sit by them listening to their silence.
Amidst the soft breezes I could hear their voices, silence may think that there is no sound in silence, yet in silence there is a stillness which is its own sound .
I am enamored with all that is green and part of nature, to think that these great trees have derived from a little tiny seed baffles the mind,  then to see them in their splendor arrayed in their finest foliage with flowers,  truly brings to mind of the Creator  behind this work of art .
 Chinese wisterias trees with their exquisite blossoms,  japanese maple trees with their  colorful leaves, grand oak trees with their massive trunks, fruit trees of all sorts  , like mango , avocado , fig , apple , oranges, lemon trees , olive trees, apricot trees, their beautiful and colorful flowers not only service us with their shade, but they provide us with fresh air and give us delightful fruit to eat. How wonderful is that!!
It is a wonder that from something so stoic and ever still can bring  such joy at every season, I have observed and studied trees for years, they truly live the moment. For example, in the winter they stand stoic against the winds and storms, lying dormant, sleeping for just a little while, their trunks and branches exposed ,naked without a leaf for coverage from the elements. Yet in the spring small green buds protude thru their dry and seemingly dry branches, bringing brand new energetic  life again to the  tree , and within weeks the tree is filled with flowers providing sweet nectar to hungry little bees and other insects. Then when summer arrives their branches are filled with plump delicious fruits, bringing food to us humans and our little friends the birds.
Then comes the fall, and as if by magic their leaves turn vibrant colors of dark reds, golden yellow, bright orange and purples  covering the earth, majestically creating its grandest masterpiece!  And lets not forget winter,  the tree stands alone stoically as always,  silently  waiting for his long winter nap, he has no foliage to cover him, his branches as arms stretched out openly awaiting for the cold to envelop him with snow. Yet still in his bareness,  has an offering if we are cold, we may cut off his branches, throw them in a fire and warm our homes.
 The tree has taught me to live in  the moment, this is all we really have, he is one of nature's greatest teacher and one I really love!
Have you hugged a tree today? 


Lover of Sweets said...

Absolutely refreshing! I LOVE your blog so far...I'm off to read the following post.
I LOVE you!!!

Catherina and Brett said...

Mormor, we love your blog!!!

Your Red & Brown girls:-)

Lover of Sweets said...

I am soooooo glad that we got to hang out today and talk talk talk! You are so pleasant to be a nice refreshing breeze when you need one. Anyway, thank you for spending time with us and beautifying our home....again.

Women Afire said...

I hope you don't mind me perusing, I was visiting lover of sweets' blog and decided to ride the train here.

I really enjoy reading your blog. I love the enthusiasm and reverence that you have for life and nature.

As to the trees, I understand. As a girl - I loved the trees (still do) - and always thought - if Heavenly Father and the Savior gave me an assignment to help prep things for the creation - it would have been to work on trees - I love them so.

Growing up we had a beautiful Weeping Willow on the corner of our lot. I would climb it and watch the world go by from my little perch. When I was very small, my father would lift me up so that I could stretch my arms and extend my finger tips to run them through lowered branches and dipping leaves. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.