Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little bees....

Have you ever stopped to wonder how this tiny little insect, ( personally feel, this word insect..does not do them justice) can create such wonders ? The magic of little honey bees is amazing!! If bees did not pollinate our gardens and crops...they would not be able to grow, nor would be have fruits to enjoy.
Bees are the prime pollinators of this earth...and maintain themselves busy by flying from plant to plant gathering nectar from each flower, which they store in an internal honey sac . They later transport it back to their hive, and the house bee receives it tongue to tongue. Then the house bee spreads a drop of nectar on the roof of a cell in a comb. During the next couple of days...other house bees fan their wings over the nectar so that the moisture evaporates. How is that for social unity! And for inventiveness !!
Nectar is 80% water and honey 19%...finally more house bees cover every cell filled with modified nectar with a thin layer of wax, and this nectar becomes honey, something we, humans love..and then there is ''Royal Jelly'' straight from the workers glands...this is the food the queen bee is fed throughout her larval and adult life. This is rich in protein and rich in vitamins B, C,and D.

They provide us with bees wax..which is a natural product....this is a secretion from four glands of a worker bee's abdomen. This is use in cosmetics, hand creams, ointments, lipsticks..waterproofing, coating, arts and crafts items.
Then propolis, which is a kind of ''glue'', they themselves use it to seal cracks and crevices in their make sure no drafts come in when the weather gets cold.
And some of their greatest work..pollination...we are dependent on their extremely hard work..they pollinate our crops and gardens. The process starts, when the field bee crawls around a plant blossom. The honey bee is dusted with pollen, then the field bee flies over to another blossom with the pollen in its hair, when the bee lands the pollen falls onto this blossom's stigma. Because of this grand manuevour a vegetable, a fruit, and all other crops can grow.

So you see....these are no menial tasks...nor is a bee just an insect...she is one of the Creator most magnificent of creatures! And why I love all honey Bees!!!

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