Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Imagination...one of my favorite subjects!!! Ahhh were to begin?
Ok... Albert Einstein said : '' Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create''. This to me is so true, and my point of view regarding IMAGINATION is, as I have always believed...one of the greatest endowments we humans could have ever received!

Imagination allows us to see...all possibilities, to see all that we can do..and how to acommplish, it is our very own personal and most powerful creating ''tool''as well as our very own personal laboratory of the mind. For there are no limitations to what IMAGINATION can create!!!

A vivid image becomes an ideal, a desire, and is as real to the mind...for what the eyes cannot see...nor the ears cannot hear...nor hands cannot touch ...it is felt with the heart of IMAGINATION...from whence all truth derives.
Thus, feel.... I AM IMAGINATION.

I had an experience the other day...I IMAGINED a new set of curtains for my daughter's dining room, I IMAGINED striped black and white material...I formed the curtains in my mind...they should be a specific way...in a sort of a point, where over them would be another layer in a point, but this would be in polka dots red..not just any red..brick red..then to brighten the edging of this side of the curtain, there would be a piece of material to enhance the polka dots...and it would be cherries with a black background to complement the black stripes.

So for many days I IMAGINED this project of mine....and I also imagined covering the chairs as well with the same striped material...ok, so one day I decided to go to the store...and I found the exact material!! All I needed was the cherry material...and to my surprise, on the trunk of the car where I had placed my shopping bags...I noticed a cherry material of some sort coming from a plastic bag of things my daughter no longer wanted. So of course I opened the bag...and lo behold!! The exact kind of material I had envisioned in my IMAGINATION prior to becoming!
It was an old/new shirt she really never used...It had black background to enhance and complement the other material, I took it apart and was able to create to my hearts content!!!

The universe provided all of the necessary tools for my creation, thus materialized !
Can really understand how I am responsible for my own creations...yes I did some of the work, for I desired to create it with my own hands... this was easy and fun because I had all of the necessary things to work with...and sometimes the things are just there without me lifting a finger...and here I understand that I am meant to receive other things allready created for me...for I am IMAGINATION and I am deserving of all goodness as is everyone else! And besides..this is great fun...so what to IMAGINE next!!!


alessandra said...

I know well what you mean, however, everytime is still amazing...beautiful job! and cool dining room ;D

Catherina said...

Mom I love it! The room turned out so cute! Good imagination:-)

Perla said...

that is so cool! it turned out darling, too.

alessandra said...

Hi Vivi, I have an award for you on my blog.

Vivi said...

Thank you Alessandra...so sweet of you, you are a darling!
Where in you blog do I check? By the way i do love the new way you have your blogs! Cool!
Love, Vivi