Thursday, February 26, 2009

The awakening of our souls....

How long are we to sleep? This deep unconscious slumber where our real selves disappear, where our light is dimmed by the ever present ego. How much longer must we be separated from our beloved....our true essence and reality?
We yearn for solace yearn for peace, love, freedom from our ''little self''yet, what are we doing to release us from the bondage of our own ignorance? Have we been searching in all of the wrong places, specially out of ourselves instead of within?.....
We hear the call of the soul, the call from within and this embodies itself in our daily lives...the uncomfortable headache.. illness, situations we may find ourselves in... that are far from harmonious. The inner cry of our true self crying out to us for deliverance...this expressed in our external being and present life situations.
It is right now..where we must make a conscious effort towards change...this cannot come by mere wishing...there must be an intentional desire for this, we have so much to accomplish in this earth of ours!
True change awaits us at the door, we are not just human beings...but rather spiritual divine beings in a human experience!
And personally feel that we must need desire truth as we desire water, and air...for to desire anything less than this, would be a disservice to our divine selves, and yet here again...we can choose ''To be, or not to be''.

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