Thursday, October 2, 2008

Energy and its Vibrations........

"E = mc2 Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared" - Albert Einstein

Have you ever thrown a pebble into a lake? And watched as hundreds of ripples are created in the water and a certain vibration appears from the ripples? ENERGY yes , just as when you walk in a carpet and all of the sudden you receive a chok! ENERGY! Or rub against someone and receive a grand chok of ENERGY!
Even when you are in a certain state of emotional happiness and your hairs stand on edge...ENERGY! Everything here on earth has vibrational energies, everything moves and is alive, from the tiniest speck of dust , to the great mountains of rock and the amazing beings we really are. We transmit energy, we receive, we atract and we create by the concepts that we are
Energy is all around us, we can truly say that we are magnetic/energetic beings, now what kind of energy do we emanate? Is it pleasing being around us, are we positive, happy, hopeful, loving or are we sad, angry, depressed hateful?
The body is considered to be as a type of battery composed of three vital parts.
1. Structure - The cells and the organs, bones, muscles, skin layers, blood vessels, nerves and other physical structures that they form.
2. Liquid - The intra and inter-cellular liquids that play important roles in the generation of electrical energy.
3. Electrical charge: The charge responsible for activating the body and its structures ,it is called
"Life force", life energy , spirit, electromagnetism or "chi" as the chinese refer to it.
We aquire vital energy thru the food that we partake, specially if we partake of nutricious green food, non foods with preservatives the air that we breathe, by cosmic radiation, and by restful sleep. We humans have an aura around us as a sort of magnetic field, seen to a few and scientists have proven its excistense with the advent of Kirlian photography.
A simple description of the aura suggests that it is made up of coloured flames of energy that are emitted from the human body. The colours of the aura have been determined to be reflective of health and energy levels. Light, clean colours indicate good health and high energy levels, whilst dark, heavy colours indicate disease.
The energy that derives from our energy fields truly speaks for itself, for if we are happy, people notice and are attracted like bees to honey, if we are the opposite of this, people also notice and stay away, for who wants to be around negative energy?
We should always remember that we have a great responsibility to our world, for our energy can move the world! And as the ripples in the water they will return from whence they came.
So, it is a question we must ask ourselves, what kind of energy am I creating, what does my vibrational energy emanate? What energy do I want returned?
And, what am I willing to do to bring my vibrational energy up?
Everything can change, if we will it, we are powerful Beings and we can increase our energy by thinking positive, with loving thoughts, by re-thinking and practising some form of
internal art such as Tai Chi.
We are the Masters of our world and the energy we eat, and breathe is but a mirror of what we think of ourselves........


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